Antique furniture and collectibles

We sell Antiques and Collectibles

We have an ever changing inventory of Antiques and Collectibles to browse through.  We come by these items through many different ways.  Private sales, buying house lots, attending auctions and Estate Sales.   Take a look at our gallery often as items are added every week.  If you’re looking for something in particular,  drop us an email and we’ll let you know if we have it in stock and if we don’t, we’ll keep an eye open for what you’re looking for.

Vintage furniture
A piece of vintage furniture

Vintage Items

We carry a variety of Vintage items as well.  Things that are old but not yet antique are often very fun to come across for the sheer reminicent value.  There may be something here that you didn’t even know you wanted yet!  Take a look at our gallery often as things are added weekly.

Painted and upcycled furniture
We upcycle and paint furniture

Painted Furniture

This is the fun and creative side of the business.  We repair, refinish and paint wooden furniture.  I look at an old piece of furniture and instantly start getting ideas of how I’d like to transform it.  I love to let my creative juices flow and add color, maybe add some wallpaper to it, or add some stenciling.  If you’re looking for a certain item to add to your home, take a look at our gallery or drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for.  We may have a piece in stock that we can customize for you or even transform one of your own pieces.

We sell items on Consignment

Consignment Sales

Many clients come to us to sell their items in our store on a consignment basis.  We draw up a Consignment Contract with our customers for a 90 day term and advertise their items for sale in various formats to reach a wide range of potential buyers.  We then remit sales proceeds on a monthly basis minus a 35% commission.

A picture of some of the beautiful colors of Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint and Products

We are a proud supplier of the Fusion Mineral Paint Line.  This is the best line of furniture paint that I have ever used!  You need little prep work for this paint to transform your furniture projects.  There is zero VOC in this paint which means that as the paint dries, there are no harsh solvents released into the air so there is no heavy paint smell.  You can use it right in the house.  The paint colors are made using actual mineral pigments so the color is beautiful and doesn’t fade.  And, it dries with it’s own top coat so you don’t have to seal it.  It is water resistant when dry as well.  We carry many products besides the paints including a tough coat sealant for high use areas, stencils, brushes, waxes and glazes plus many other items.

A DIY workshop using Fusion Mineral Paint to stencil pillow cases

DIY Workshops

We offer workshops using the Fusion Mineral Paint line.  Some of the workshops are Fusion 101 which teaches how to use the Paints and products to achieve different looks and finishes.  There is a Pillow Stenciling Workshop in which you get two throw pillow cases to stencil.  A Fusion 201 Workshop is a paint your own piece class so you can bring along a carry-able piece to paint during the workshop.  And there will be a variety of new workshops coming up in the future.