WoodUbend Trim TR721

WoodUbend Trim TR721


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WoodUbend Trim TR721.  This package contains two rolls, each 210 cm x 1.3 cm.

2 in stock

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This WoodUbend Trim TR721 is 210 cms long and 1.3 cms wide.

This package includes two rolls of trim.  They are coiled in a circle but once you heat them up with a heat gun, hair dryer or griddle, they will become pliable.  Then you can stretch them out, bend them around corners if need be.  You can then cut them to fit and glue them in place with wood glue.

WoodUbend mouldings are perfect for quickly and easily enhancing your upcycled furniture and craft projects. All you need is a heat source, some good quality wood glue and a surface to stick your WoodUbend to:

– Heat the moulding or trim with a heat gun , hair dryer or on a griddle.

– Apply glue to the surface or the entire back of the moulding or trim.

– Press onto surface firmly.

– Heat once more.

– Remove excess glue with a Q-tip, baby wipe or wet paint brush.

Once painted, they will look like they have always been there!

If you haven’t heard of WoodUbend Mouldings and Trim yet, you should check out their You Tube channel.  You are sure to get inspiration once you see how easy they are to use.

This particular WoodUbend Trim TR721 has two rolls so there is plenty of trim to do edging or frame an area.  The possibilities are endless.

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