StaalMeester Premium Brush

StaalMeester Premium Brush


StaalMeester Premium Paint Brushes


StaalMeester premium brushes from the Netherlands.  They are premium quality, professional level brushes that would, if properly cared for, last a lifetime.

It is a brush with a unique blend of synthetic and natural bristles.  It has short natural china bristles blended with longer silky synthetic bristles.  The natural bristles ensure better paint absorption and the synthetic bristles allow for a smooth, even application having minimal to no brush strokes.

Keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Fusion Mineral Paint Brush Cleaner and you will be enjoying them for many years to come.


Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

StaalMeester #14 Pointed Sash Brush, StaalMeester #14 Round Sash, StaalMeester #15 Flat Brush


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