StaalMeester Pointed Sash Brushes

StaalMeester Pointed Sash Brushes


StaalMeester Premium Paint Brushes Pointed Sash. Natural and Synthetic blend bristles.


These StaalMeester Pointed Sash Brushes are available in 2 awesome sizes. #14 & #18.  The pointed paint brush is ideal for painting detailed furniture edges, moldings, banisters, window frames, ledges, doors, spindles and furniture.  The pointed head makes it perfect for edging work and cutting in and generally producing a great finish.

Staalmeester® has been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years.

Staalmeester® synthetic blend bristles can be used with of all types of paint, however, we are particularly happy with the way it performs with Fusion Mineral Paint.

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Pointed Sash 14, Pointed Sash 18


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