StaalMeester Micro Felt Rollers


StaalMeester Premium Micro Felt Rollers.  Available in 10 cm, 12 cm and 18 cm long.

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StaalMeester Micro Felt Rollers come from the makers of  StaalMeester Paint Brushes.  Famous for creating premium paint brushes, StaalMeester are now providing premium micro felt rollers.  These rollers have a 3 mm pile that leave a smooth finish. These premium rollers and well as the brushes, that I carry are available from Fusion Mineral Paint.   I decided to start carrying the brushes in my store when I noticed how wonderfully they work with Fusion Mineral Paint.

This finest quality micro felt roller provides a flawless smooth & even finish. These rollers are suited for all paints, ultra grip, tough coat, lacquers and varnishes.

Easily washable and re-useable when using water based products.   When painting on any flat surfaces, roll paint on first.  Once the area is fully coated, Use a wide, flat brush to glide along the paint from end to end and back to front.  This technique will result in a flawless finish.

When finished painting, submerge the roller in water immediately, do not allow the paint to dry on the roller.

These Micro Felt Rollers come in packages of 2, 5 or 10 and do NOT include handles/frames  which are required to use these rollers.

These premium micro felt rollers come in  3 sizes; 10cm, 12cm and 18cm wide.

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10cm roller 2 pk, 10cm roller 10 pk, 12 cm roller 5 pk, 18 cm roller 2 pk


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