Microfiber Paint Roller Refill

Microfiber Paint Roller Refill


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A microfiber paint roller refill.

Out of stock

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This Microfiber Paint Roller Refill is sold seperately.  With a 10mm pile, this roller will apply the paint faster with less redipping into tray.

Starting a new paint project with flat surfaces?  Add a roller refill to your order to cover more area on your project quickly.

To get an extra smooth surface, follow these tips.   Paint the surface area first with the roller.  Making sure the surface is evenly coated.  Then use a wide, flat brush and glide it from end to end. Do this back to front and your surface will dry with a flawless finish.

When you’re ready to start painting with a new Fusion Mineral Paint color, just change the roller and you’re ready for the next project.

Tip:  If you think you’re going to reuse a roller that is already full of paint, you can remove it from the handle and keep it sealed in a zip lock baggy for months.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


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