How to Paint Furniture e-book

How to Paint Furniture e-book


How to Paint Furniture E-book.


In this How to Paint Furniture guide I share the knowledge and tips that I have picked up over the years of painting furniture.

Hopefully, it will answer some questions you may have about furniture painting.

I discuss everything from prep to finishes, techniques and embellishments.

There are 55 pages with full color before and after pictures and tutorial pictures as well.

What to expect to learn from this book

In chapter one, I talk about the various ways of finding project furniture. Once you get good at picking up good pieces, it can easily become a furniture flipping business.

Lots of furniture is discarded because of issues that are easily fixed.  In chapter two, I walk you through how I deal with things like missing hardware and peeling veneer.  If I come across something I don’t know how to do, I find a you Tube video to learn how to do it.

Chapter three is all about the prep work.  This is the most important step.  The paint job will only be as good as good as the surface that you’re painting on.  If the surface isn’t clean and wax free, the paint will end up peeling or rubbing off.

In chapter four I share some techniques and brushes for a flawless finish.  I describe how to paint furniture without leaving brush strokes.  Also, I discuss when to use paint additives to extend the open time on paint.  And when to use a blocker to prevent bleed through from tannins.

Chapter five is all about achieving different looks on your project.  Learn techniques like distressing, blending, glazing, dry brushing and a lot more.

In Chapter six, I describe how I add embellishments to furniture by using WoodUbend mouldings.  Also how to add decoupage paper and decor transfers to add extra interest to your project.

Chapter seven describes the different finishes you can add over the paint.   Learn how to add extra protection in high traffic areas or to enhance and add depth to the color.

In Chapter eight I talk about the little extras to add to your projects.  Things like painting and stenciling the sides of drawers and adding new hardware.  Or making the drawers slide easier with a beeswax block.

And then there are pages and pages of things I’ve learned over the years.  There is a lot of information shared in this book that can help you learn how to paint furniture like a pro!





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