Gel Stain & Topcoat

Gel Stain & Topcoat


Fusion Mineral Paint Gel Stain & Topcoat 946ml


Fusion’s Gel Stain & Topcoat is a one step combination product which is a little bit of stain mixed into a durable topcoat. Some of the colors can be a thick gel or a thin consistency. As you stir the product it becomes less gel like and is easy to brush on. Multiple coats will create a more opaque finish but the sheen will remain matte.

This oil based brush on gel stain produces a durable protective urethane coating with satin finish that is ideal for heavily used interior surfaces.  It adheres to difficult surfaces and is available tinted to help easily camouflage imperfections or achieve an antiquing effect.  Fusion Gel Stain is perfect for areas that are washed frequently such as table tops, bathroom vanities, coffee tables, desks, shelving and even floors.  It Resists water, food stains, alcohol, grease and detergents.

Where can you use it?

This product is ideal for over all types of surfaces, scratched, uneven, unstable due to chipping as with milk-painted surfaces, melamine, laminate, pre-painted or stained wood surfaces. It’s so versatile!

Available in four colors in a 1 quart size.  Perfect for most medium sized projects.

Greystone – Lightly pigmented, this translucent warm grey is reminiscent of stone.

Black  – Lightly pigmented Gel Stain and Topcoat is a translucent black.

Double Espresso – This coffee brown Gel Stain and Topcoat is the darkest and heavily pigmented.  For those projects that need more of a cover-up it is easy to achieve a rich and almost opaque finish with 2 coats.

Patina – Our “Clear” Gel Stain and Topcoat  is a very durable finish  that has a transparent amber yellowish tone.

The Patina is translucent while Black, Greystone and Double Espresso are considered semi-transparent. Multiple coats will create a more opaque finish but the sheen will remain matte. Keep in mind your substrate color will always show through. However, with the exception of Patina, the more coats you apply the more opaque it will become.

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Double Espresso, Patina, Greystone, Black


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