A beautiful, solid wood nightstand with good bones.

It has “good bones”, it’s well built and sturdy. The only problem was that the bottom drawer runner was broken so the drawer falls out easily. I found another similar runner to replace it with, then it was ready for it’s makeover.

The first step is cleaning with TSP

The TSP Alternative from Fusion Mineral Paint is the all biodegradable, chemical free version of TSP cleaner. It is an all natural degreaser and cleaner that doesn’t need to be rinsed off. It comes in a concentrate form, just two cap fulls in a liter spray bottle is all you need. I generally use a piece of scotch bright to give it a srubbing.

Now it’s time to “scuff sand”

You can use a sanding pad or a sanding sponge or just an old piece of sand paper. You just need to do a light scuffing to take any shine down and the paint will adhere so well.

Just a light scuffing

You don’t need to put a lot of muscle into it, just a light scuffing and you’re done.

Then you have to remove the dust…

I always use a vacuum hose with a brush attachment on it first and then wipe any leftover dust with a damp rag.

I like to start a project upside down…

I find it easier to get at the bottom parts and legs with the piece upside down. And I check to make sure the legs are tightened up enough at the same time.

Just two thin coats is all you need…

The first coat will look a little “streaky”. Wait 2 to 4 hours and apply the second coat and it will smooth everyhing out and look beautiful. At times, especially when you’re painting a light color over a dark surface, it may take more than two coats but not very often.

You can use painters tape…

If you want a nice clean look inside, you can add some painters tape and when you remove the tape, you’ll have a nice clean line.

I like to dress up the hardware too…

With these drawer pulls, I spray painted them with a white spray primer and then I hand painted them with Fusion Mineral Paint Pearl Metallic.

Here is the finished Nightstand

Painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale with Pearl Metallic on the handles.

What a beautiful transformation.

Nightstand Makeover
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Nightstand Makeover
A nightstand makeover with before, during and after photos.
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