Fusion Mineral Paint Logo Paint it Beautiful

Fusion Mineral Paint is such a fabulous product use on your furniture projects.  But don’t stop there, this paint can be used on many different surfaces.  The paint is made with actual mineral pigment so the colors are vivid and don’t fade. There are zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the paint so there is no heavy paint smell.   Also with zero VOC’s, there are no solvents released into the air when it dries.  You can paint right in the house with no fear of fumes.  The paint is formulated to dry with its own topcoat so there is no need to seal it.  There are so many products in the Fusion Mineral Paint line.  I will be holding workshops to show people how to master different techniques like distressing, antiquing and decoupage for transferring images to surfaces.  Stay tuned for the next workshop to be announced.

It is becoming increasingly popular to paint upholstery with Fusion Mineral Paint.  Tired of the color or look of your present upholstery?  Choose one of the beautiful colors in the Fusion Line and paint it.  It dries to a durable and water resistant finish.  You can paint any type of chair covering.  Leather and vinyl are easily painted with Fusion as well as you can see in the before and after pictures below.

chair in need of being painted
chair after being painted

Want to find out more about Fusion Mineral Paint?  Find out more in the store or check out the Fusion Mineral Paint website  You’ll be inspired!