In the weekly features, there will be a Fusion Mineral Paint color and a Milk Paint by Fusion color featured here as well as a Product Feature. There will be painted furniture examples as well as color pairing suggestions and an offer to save 15%.

Fusion Mineral Paint weekly feature for June 27th to July 3rd is French Eggshell

Fusion Mineral Paint French Eggshell
Fusion Mineral Paint French Eggshell

French Eggshell

This pale blue with the slightest hint of greyish-green is serene yet bold at the same time.
Pair With:
Algonquin for a pop of personality
Raw Silk for a refreshing mood

The Milk Paint by Fusion weekly feature is Velvet Palm

Velvet Palm

A saturated green designed to bring a bit of natural vibe to any space. With a hint of cloudy grey, it’s
dreamy and plush.

The Product Feature of the Week is Ultra Grip

Ultra Grip

Ultra Grip is a product that can be used on a shiny surface to make the paint adhere.  Ultra Grip can be used on shiny melamine, laminate, plastic, glass and metal surfaces, etc.  to ensure paint adhesion.  Virtually anything can be painted after a coat of Ultra Grip.

This product can also be used as a Decoupage medium and as a bonding agent in your Milk Paint mixes to ensure adhesion.

Gently stir or mix the Ultra Grip and paint it on to the surface you want to paint.  It will go on with a slight mauve color and then it dries clear.  Let dry for 24 hours before painting over it.