Each week there will be a Fusion Mineral Paint color and a Milk Paint by Fusion color featured here as well as a Product Feature. There will be painted furniture examples as well as color pairing suggestions and an offer to save 15%.

Fusion Mineral Paint Color of the Week for January 18th to 24th is Bayberry


A deep muted olive green, Bayberry is perfectly vintage. It’s stunning on its own or as part of a natural

Pair With:
Bedford for depth and drama
Plaster for a rustic, seasoned feel

Milk Paint by Fusion’s Color of the Week for January 18th to 24th is Terrarium

A muted green inspired by the hues found in a beautiful terrarium garden. Saturated and cool with a
hint of blue, this full-of-life shade holds a natural elegance.

Fusion’s Product Feature of the Week for January 18th to 24th is Ultra Grip

Ultra Grip

Fusion’s Ultra Grip is a fantastic product that will allow paint to adhere to anything! A thin coating of Ultra Grip applied to any surface will allow you to paint on ultra shiny surfaces including metal and glass, thermafoil cabinets, etc. It can also be used as a “Bonding Agent” with Milk Paint. Pour some Ultra Grip into your mixed Milk Paint and paint on any surface.