My Favorite Way to Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of decorating something with paper.  The most common way to do it is with a product called Modge Podge.  It is similar to wall paper glue.

But I have a new way of sticking the paper on my projects so I thought I would share a step by step tutorial on how to Decoupage with Fusion Ultra Grip using the iron on method.

Decorate the sides of your drawers

dresser drawer side

When painting a dresser, sometimes the sides of the drawers are kind of messy looking.  They may have previous paint drips or other markings.  I decided these drawer sides needed some prettying up.

When I first learned how to Decoupage, I used a product called Mod Podge.  And then I found out that the very product I’m carrying in the store is perfect for Decoupaging!  Paint on two thin coats of Fusion’s Ultra Grip, letting it dry completely between coats.  About 15 minutes should be enough time.

paper napkins for decoupage

You can use many different types of decorative paper for Decoupage.  I have used posters and wall paper.  For these drawer sides I decided to use decorative napkins that I found at the Dollar Store.  First you need to separate the layers so you just have a single layer to work with.  Gently pull the layers apart so they don’t tear.

Before you start to iron on your paper, you will need to place some parchment paper over it so the iron doesn’t scorch it.

iron on doucpage method

Set your iron to the Cotton setting without steam.  You just need the dry heat of the iron to heat the Ultra Grip enough so that the paper will stick to it.  Start from the center and smooth your way out to the edges.  This will get rid of any wrinkles.  Keep the iron moving, you don’t need to stay in one place as the Ultra Grip heats up fast and grips onto the paper.

You will have some access paper hanging over the sides to get rid of.  Use a sanding block and rub gently on the edge and the paper will come away easily.  You don’t need to rub hard at all.

Krylon Spray Laquer

Now that the project is done, you will have to seal it.   I tried to use a brush on top coat but it wets the paper and turns the light colors translucent.  It also bubbles the paper. I have found that spray on lacquer works well.  Spray on very lightly so it doesn’t wet the paper because this will cause it to bubble.  And you should do this in a well ventilated area or outside if possible.   Add two light layers and your drawer sides will be beautiful for years to come.

Decorative drawer sides

Decoupaging on the sides of drawers is an easy way to add some character to your project.  It’s a nice added feature to see when the drawers are pulled out.  It definitely adds some uniqueness to your furniture.

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