Have you been thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets? You’ve come to the right place. I do custom cupboard painting for clients using Fusion Mineral Paint and products. I hand paint them. Fusion Mineral Paint is water based and it takes 21 days for them to cure. As the water evaporates from the paint, it becomes more and more durable. And with the added topcoat, your newly painted cupboards will last for years.

How the jobs are done

On the first day, I come with some help to remove all the doors, this must be done by us so we can label the doors as to where they go back. I then clean the frame with a degreaser and tape off any areas close to walls, ceilings and floors, etc to prep them for paint. If time permits, I will prime the frame of the cupboards. I take the hinges and clean them and then they can go right back on or be painted if desired. Most people update their knobs. I paint the doors back at my shop and paint the frame on premises on Tuesdays and Thursdays when my store is closed.

Painted cupboard examples

Here are a couple of looks that some clients went with…

An interesting look is painting the island a different colour than your cupboards. It adds a nice punch of colour.

2 different colours

A popular look is 2 toned. A lighter colour on the top cupboards and a little darker on the bottom.

2 toned

There are a few finishes that I can apply for depending on the look that you want. Fusion Mineral Paint dries with its own topcoat and is very durable after it cures but kitchen cupboards are used a lot so a little extra durability won’t hurt. I use clear topcoat or stains.

The basic finish is with a clear topcoat that comes in either matte or glossy.

Matte Tough Coat

Another finish is stain over paint which can look rustic or beachy if you’re looking for that vibe.

Beachy Look

I paint the cupboards and then add a stain and wipe it back. This creates a beautiful look as well as extra durability .

Free Quotes

I quote the job according to how many doors and drawers you have. If you are curious about a ballpark price for your cupboards, count your doors and drawers. It is generally $80 – $90 per door and $40 per drawer depending on the finish you want. Double corner doors count as 2 as do large pantry doors. This price includes the frame of the cupboards and the paint and finish. I work in the areas of East Hants, Truro and HRM.

If you are ready to move ahead with your cupboards and would like an exact quote, I can come to your home to see the cupboards and give you a more definitive price. I will bring colour samples and cupboard door samples so you can see what the finished product can look like.

If you would like a quote, you can email regainedrelics@gmail.com or call 902-236-2260

Here are a few examples of before and after: