By offering Consignment Sales in the store, I am able to have more items available for your browsing pleasure.

consignment sales

Rare or Unique Items

Items that are rare or unique are welcome because they add to a customer’s browsing experience.  Advertising is done in several ways to find interested buyers.  Customers  come back to the store on a regular basis looking to add that special item to their collection.  I also have a running list of interested Collectors that I can contact when certain sought after items come into the store

Pick Up and/or Delivery Service

If you have an item(s) that you would like to sell on Consignment but no way the bring it to the store, pick up can be arranged. Price is based on distance travelled, number of pieces and the size and difficulty of item(s) to move. The same can apply to return any items left unsold after the 90 day Consignment Term.

Consignment Sales Contract

The consignment contract is something that I carefully go over with clients to make sure everything is understood and agreed upon before signing. A copy of the contract can be forwarded for your perusal upon request if you are considering selling on consignment.

Online Consignment Sales

Consignment Items can be featured in my online store as well as in local selling forums. My repeat customer base checks the website and Facebook page for newly added items and I have a list of local dealers and collectors that I can contact for various items as well. This variety of selling techniques is sure to find the buyer interested in your item(s).

Consignment Commission

I offer competitive rates for consignment sales.  When an item sells, your portion will be forwarded to you or picked up in store minus a 35% commission.