Antiquing Trends

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the demand for collectibles has greatly reduced. With the desire to have large homes full of many “things”, the Baby Boomer generation was the leader in collecting glassware, china, ceramic figurines, crystal, and so on and so on.  This generation was generally deeply rooted and didn’t move a lot.  And, after many years of living in the same homes, have amassed huge collections of things that they now want to get rid of.  Hence the market saturation of typical collectible type items.  Many people come into the store commenting on the fact that they have accumulated collections that have been passed down from parents and grand parents.  And many of these people don’t have the room or the desire to keep all these collections.  If you’re in this situation or need to clear out items in an estate and don’t know where to turn, I have started a business called Patron Estate Services.  Give Patron Estate Services a call today at (902)441-6768 to see how this service can help you.

Investment Grade Collectibles

These types of collectibles have lost their appeal with the younger generations coming up.  The types of collectibles that have increased in popularity, however, are what is know as “Investment Grade” collectibles.  These include such things as antique coins and paper money, jewelry, mechanical timepieces and silverware, to list a few.  Since the turn of the century, the value of gemstones and precious metals has increased substantially so any antiques or collectibles containing these stones or metals have greatly increased in value.  Some people are turning to these types of collectibles as a source of investing as the market seems to be showing that the value of “Investment Grade” collectibles will continue to rise.

An Appreciation for Old Furniture

Although the younger generation, or Millennials, don’t have the same penchant for collecting as their parents or grand parents did, they do seem to have an appreciation for well made antique or vintage furniture.  This interest in reusing older furniture may be due to their desire to recycle.   A lot of new couples setting up their first home together have realized that the hand me down type of older furniture was very well built compared to what they can buy in the stores today.  They were so well built, in fact, that some pieces have stood the test of time and have been passed down through a few generations.   Generally all an old piece of furniture needs is a good cleaning and perhaps a touch up or a paint job to make it beautiful and functional for many more years to come.

Although there is an appreciation for old furniture, many people have a desire for smaller, more compact and functional pieces.  More people are living in smaller spaces like condos and townhouses and just don’t have the space for Grandma’s hutch or sideboard.  Some of the older, large dressers are being converted into tv stands and buffets.

Decorating with Old Furniture

Decorating with antique furniture or “rustic” pieces mixed in with modern furniture has become a popular look.  It creates an interesting theme throughout a home and the older pieces add a lot of character.  The rustic pieces add charm and seem to soften the look of a home which makes it look more comfortable and welcoming.  Painted furniture has also increased in popularity.  Taking an old, scuffed up piece of furniture and making it look beautiful again is easy and satisfying.  Find out more about painting furniture here.