You will find an eclectic collection of Antiques and Collectibles when you visit Regained Relics.

An item is considered to be antique when it is 100 years or older.  There is a small array of Antiques and I add to the selection often.  There are a few items shown in the online shop but most pieces come and go before they get posted.  It is best to drop back to the store to see what is new.


There are also some Collectibles in the store.


I have learned, however, that literally anything can be a Collectible to someone, because people collect just about anything.  If you are a collector of a particular item, give the store a call at 902-236-2260 and if I don’t have what you’re looking for, I will keep an eye out the next time we’re out picking.

Besides carrying Antiques and Collectibles in the store, I also accept some Consignment Sales, space permitting. I find this adds to the variety of unique items that come and go.  Most everything in the store is a “one off” so if something catches your eye when you’re in, you better grab it before someone else does!  And please, drop back often to see the new items being added.