There are several types of Posh Chalk Products that can take your furniture and decor painting to the next level.

Posh Chalk Pastes

The Posh Chalk Pastes come in two varieties, Smooth Metallic Pastes – of which there are 13 different colors.  And the Textured Pastes which are available in three colors. Both are water-based and the only difference between the two varieties is that the Textured Pastes have real Swarovski Crystals in them! The crystals give an extra dimension of texture.  Whereas, the smooth pastes can be levelled to create a luxurious smooth metallic finish.  As the name would suggest.

The pastes are thick and were designed with raised stenciling in mind.  A less is more attitude is often required. If you’re using them for raised stenciling, the best option is to use a palette knife or a spreader to ensure even distribution.

To add that extra pizazz to your Posh Chalk Paste stencil designs, introduce a little heat. If you warm the pastes with a heat gun while they are still wet, they will pop! That is to say, they will puff up to a thick eggshell-like consistency adding that extra bit of texture and definition to your projects. When popping them, you may begin to notice the scent – all the Posh Chalk Pastes contain essential oils and each one is perfumed slightly differently.

If stenciling isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out your pastes just yet. These pastes can also be used as paint or even a wash. Simply water them down a little and get to work.

Don’t worry about sealing the pastes as they are an all-in-one product. They can even be used outdoors. Just let them cure a little first.

Shown in the below picture, the pastes are in the top row of containers.


posh chalk products

Posh Chalk Pigments are shown in the picture above.  They are the smaller jars on the bottom.

Posh Chalk Pigments

The Posh Chalk Pigments can be a little daunting to the uninitiated, but fear not – they’re super easy to use and the finish you get with them is out of this world.! These little pots of powder have the ability to transform a project right before your eyes! For most people, the first step is to mix them with a top coat sealer such as Posh Chalk Infusor. Most topcoat sealers will work with the pigments but the finish is guaranteed with our Infusor.

The trick is to add the pigments first then add the sealer of your choice. This will help you control the consistency a little better.

Let’s talk about consistency for a minute. This is where Posh Chalk Pigments are truly versatile. You can control the consistency with the ratio of pigments to the sealer. Need a thicker, paste-like mixture? Use less sealer and more pigments and vice versa.

In recent times we’ve seen pigments mixed into paints (though this can often dull the metallic luster) and even used in resin pours. In fact, they’re great in resin pours as the pigments naturally float in the middle of the resin – so no more two-stage resin projects!

Finally, the finish, the luster and shine you get from the pigments will transform whatever you’re working with into metal! As the pigments are real metal, you are in essence working with liquid metal – that’s the reason for the jaw-dropping, head-turning finish.

Posh Chalk Patinas

Like the pastes, the patinas come in two varieties. We offer an oil-based Artisan Patinas that is available in a more traditional range of colors and the water-based Aqua Patinas which come in a much more bold, Boho range of colors. Both sets of patinas are very highly pigmented and are used for bringing out the details in your designs. They’re great at emphasizing the intricacies in the WoodUbend mouldings.

A little really does go a long way with the Posh Chalk Patinas and you only need a tiny amount. You may find it is easier to apply the patinas with your finger rather than a small brush. The patinas are for highlighting, not for painting a wall! Feel free to use the patinas on outdoor projects as once they are cured, they are weather resistant.

The curing process differs depending on what surface you’re applying the patinas to. A good rule of thumb for both the Aqua and Artisan range is that on a porous surface you should let it cure for one week.

The main takeaway for the patinas is to use only a little bit! Inevitably you’ll need to come back in and wipe a bit away – but when used right, the patinas add so much depth to a project!

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